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Maltepoos available now, pictures below...
Maltese for sale, North Carolina, Virginia
Maltese plus Maltepoo and Shih-poo puppies for sale.
Located in North Carolina near the Virginia border.

Hello and welcome to Majestic Maltese! My name is Hannah and I work with the most beautiful, friendly little dogs on earth, Maltese, plus Maltepoos and Shihpoos.

As a mother of an active family, I know how important it is for families to be able to find a quality, well-bred puppy that can be a cherished companion. There is nothing quite as precious as the love and joy a dog brings into our lives, especially families like mine who have children!

At Majestic Maltese, we only have a few litters per year but we work very hard to make sure our puppies are exceptional in every way. How?

  • We start all of our puppies on an early imprinting program to maximize their learning potential.
  • Our pups are highly socialized with young children.
  • We provide nutritious meals for our puppies, and all of our dogs, because we believe that a wholesome diet helps to ensure a long healthy life. We especially recommend Blue Buffalo dry puppy food mixed with Newmans canned dog food.
  • Our puppies are enrolled in our specially structured "Puppy Pre-School" enrichment program so they have been introduced to many important lessons before going home to their new forever families.
    By comparison the difference is easy to see, we offer unsurpassed quality!

    Beautiful, Maltepoo puppies ready now!

    Ready for Adoption Now!
    Maltepoo Male "Amazing Ace"

    Ace is an exceptional and extremely talented puppy. His ability to learn quickly along with his charming and gentle and easy going personality made him the star of our summer extended stay Puppy Pre-School classes. I have just listed him for sale and he is priced at the regular puppy category for a very special family. Call for more information!
    Reserve this puppy with a $100 deposit
    Description and phone number

    Maltepoo Female "Ginger"
    Maltepoo Female

    Reserve this puppy with a $100 deposit
    Description and phone number

         Maltepoo Female "Brownie"

    Reserve this puppy with a $100 deposit

    Description and phone number

    Maltepoo Male "Marvelous Milo"

    Reserve this puppy with a $100 deposit
    Description and phone number

         Maltepoo Male "Button Bobby"

    Reserve this puppy with a $100 deposit

    Description and phone number


  • Free Delivery within 50 miles to locations in both North Carolina and Virginia! In NC, this includes Elizabeth City, Williamston and the Outer Banks. In VA this includes Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Tidewater, Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, Richmond, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.
  • Our beautiful puppies are home raised and socialized with children.
  • Potty-training started before pups go to their forever homes.
  • Pups are de-wormed and vaccinated.
  • Discounts Available!

    My toy crossed puppies (also known as Designer Dogs), are bred from AKC parents. Some people consider cross bred dogs like Maltepoos and Shih-poos to have hybrid vigor and even hypo allergenic advantages because they are non-shedding.
    North Carolina, Elizabeth City, Hampton Roads, Williamston, Maltese, Maltepoo, Shihpoo and Maltipoo puppy dogs for sale
    I am committed to breeding healthy puppies of exceptional quality with a special emphasis on intelligence and trainability. My puppies for sale are home raised and well socialized with other pets and children so they make great family pets that are wonderful with children! I sometimes have tiny puppies available too.

    Many of the families who adopt our puppies come from around the US, but especially Virginia and North Carolina.

    Are you interested in buying a special puppy for your family? Visit all of our pages for more information and if you have questions, please call - I look forward to hearing from you! We are located in South Mills, NC and offer custom dog or puppy delivery services throughout North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, New England and around the country. Remember, delivery is free to locations within 50 miles in North Carolina and Virginia. In North Carolina this includes Elizabeth City, the Outer Banks, Williamsburg and Newport News. In Virginia delivery is free to Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Tidewater, Virginia Beach Chesapeake.

    Don't forget to ask us about our extended stay and puppy training packages!