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Welcome to Majestic Maltese - My name is Hannah and I would be delighted to help you find the pup that is right for you and your family! North Carolina Maltese, Maltepoo, Maltipoo, pups, pup, breeder, Maltepoos, Maltipoos, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, east coast, tiny toy crosses, New England Hello and Welcome to Majestic Maltese.

My name is Hannah Makela and I am the proud owner and breeder of the most beautiful little dogs on earth - darling Maltese & tiny toy crosses, Maltepoos Maltipoos.

My work with Maltese began many years ago when I was introduced to these remarkable dogs by a family member. I was so enthralled by the charming personalities and fun loving character of these dogs and their puppies that I just knew they were the dog for me!

I am committed to breeding family pets of exceptional quality with a special emphasis on intelligence and trainability. My puppies for sale are home raised and well socialized with other pets and children. My Maltese pups are AKC registered and I support the American Kennel Club DNA testing program and microchip dog identification (for more information visit the AKC web site at My tiny toy crosses (also known as Designer Dogs), Maltepoo and Maltipoo pups are a carefully bred cross between a purebred Maltese & Tea cup Toy Poodle. Some people consider these to be dogs with hybrid vigor and even one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds. Maltepoos and Maltipoos are dogs just like the one Jessica Simpson has.

Are you looking for a new family member? Please visit all of our pages for more information. If you have questions, I look forward to hearing from you soon. We are located in South Mills, NC and offer custom dog or puppy Delivery Services throughout North Carolina, Virginia, Washing DC, the east coast and New England.

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